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Life at all costs, life whatever it may be. Across four continents and thirty years of time, three characters take flight as their lives intersect with one another in ways that probe the deepest depths of the human experience.



Six track concept album of original compositions. From rock to classical to singer/songwriter, with three singers personifying the main characters in the story, Fugue is an album unlike any other.


What is Fugue Web?

Greater than the sum of its parts, celebrating the diversity of self-expression, Fugue Web promotes:

  • free lance web design and app development

  • Fugue, a novel, concept album and app by David Houston

  • the intersection of music and language

  • an open dialogue on a wide variety of blog topics

  • photography and graphic design

With a mobile first attitude, Fugue Web is ready to create your custome, responsive, and fully optimized web site today. In today's digital world it's no longer a question of whether you have a web page, but rather, whether your web page will effectively grab hold of the user's attention and continue to drive traffic back in the future. By always considering the user experience and user interface, and by harnessing the power of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, Fugue Web is your best option!

Additionally, Fugue Web builds dynamic, fast, and responsive sites with Drupal 7. Data intensive sites, blogging platforms, eCommerce stores, and much more; Drupal is an extremely powerful and extendable Content Management System. Using customized themeing capabilities, knowledge of PHP hooks, and with the thousands of modules available, Fugue Web can create intricate websites for you that are without limitations.

Within a few years, more people will be accessing the internet by mobile devices than with laptop/desktop computers. Through techniques such as Responsive Design, progressive enhancement, and with the skillful combination of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, mobile web applications that work across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, et al) are forging the path for tomorrow's internet experience. Check out a few of the apps Fugue Web is currently promoting and designing.

Likewise, native applications written for the Android operating system enable a fluid and more complete functionality when using your smart phone or tablet. Utilizing object oriented programming techniques in Java, Fugue Web is developing new and innovative apps available for download on Google Play.

Having a great site is one thing. Knowing about the traffic that is visiting your site, retrieving meaningful metrics in order to generate reports and target your intended audience, effectively utilizing Search Engine Optimization to drive new users to the site; those are all very separate matters. Google Analytics and SEO are tested and reliable methods which empower the web site administrator's statistical toolkit to effectively market his or her product. Want to drive more traffic to your site? Try a paid ad with Google Adwords and see just how many people start paying attention!

If a picture really is worth one thousand words, then nowhere is that more convenient than online. Having the right image stylized and presented in the right way, enhanced in Photoshop, with a video to capture the movement and feeling of the message; these mediums can sometimes speak louder than any words, making visual presentation a critical skill set for the visually demanding 21st century internet (Fugue Web uses a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera).

As a 120,000 word novel, a six track musical concept album (30 minutes long), and free mobile app, Fugue by David Houston is a project greater than the sum of its parts. A soldier/spy with uncertain allegiances and a unique relationship to music; a tormented heroine who suspects that her dreams can foretell the future; a politically motivated nemesis who believes he speaks directly to God; these characters coalesce in tragedy and triumph, in violence and romance, in a shifting global landscape that spans thirty years of time across four continents. Each character undergoes a life-altering event at the age of eighteen which sets them inexorably on a path for redemption, but how can they find it when the fog of war, politics, and fate itself stands in their way?

Fugue the mobile app is available on Google Play for Android operating systems.

In the book, the word ‘fugue’ is developed extensively as a metaphor in three different ways: musically, etymologically, and psychologically.

In musical terms, a fugue is a type of complex musical composition common to classical music. In more technical terms, one melodic subject is proposed and answered, then restated or imitated by other successively entered parts and contrapuntally developed in a continuous interweaving of the melodies. I endeavor to adopt the form and structure of a fugue as a framework or literary device within the book, employing musical counterpoint as a broad metaphor for human interaction (harmony, dissonance, tension, expectation, and resolution). Like separate lines of melody on the staff, the stories that forge the lives of the three main characters are both independent of, and yet, highly dependent upon each other.

Etymology is a linguistic pursuit concerned with the origin and evolution of words. The word ‘fugue’ comes from the Latin 'fuga,' meaning to take flight, fleeing. The idea of the ephemeral, the transient, that which does not stay; all of this forms a powerful theme of movement within the book.

The fugue state is a dissociative disorder similar to amnesia. It is characterized by a dream like stasis where one is incapable of assuming responsibility for his or her action.

Finley Hughes: An introspective soldier/spy with uncertain allegiances and a very unique relationship to music.

Katrina Scarlet Worthington: A devastatingly beautiful woman who suspects that she can foresee the future through her dreams.

Gregory Trueheart: A politically motivated and extremely wealthy nemesis who believes that he speaks directly to God.

Fugue blends several literary genres (notably dystopian, romantic, and suspense) within a plot-driven, politically charged narrative that unfolds across 30 years, four continents, and between three main characters. Each of these characters faces a dramatic, life-changing event around the age of eighteen, setting them upon a path that irrevocably intertwines their story and romantic involvement for better and for worse.

The plot shifts in a dystopian direction halfway through the story after the “Annihilation of Ages” terrorist attacks redefine the geopolitical landscape of the United States and entire world. Everything else is pure fugue, the title itself referring either to the style of musical composition I’ve adopted as a literary metaphor, the etymology of the word from Latin (meaning ‘to flee’), or in reference to the psychological ‘fugue state’ (similar to amnesia). The book ends on December 31, 2012 with a cliff hanger that clearly indicates there will be a sequel.

Fugue is currently available as a self-publication paperback novel and can be ordered online either through Lulu or Amazon. The music is streaming for free online and is available for download at iTunes. The mobile app is available for Android operating systems on Google Play.

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